Nomination Thread for a New Community Fund Committee

A new nomination thread for a new CFC election

In June 2022 Firo implemented the tokenomics change that the community voted for which created the Firo Community Fund. The Firo Community Fund was created to bring greater decentralization in funding to the project by creating an independent fund from the block reward and which would be run by community elected members.

In July 2022 the Firo community elected the first Community Fund Committee which was made up of the following members:

@RyanApeFiro @FiroHero @rehrar @OhGodaGirl @sproxet @rasikhmorani @nrsimha

Due to the Community Fund being a new introduction, it was decided that for the first round of Committee Members, the role would only be for 6 months after which there would be a new election and thereafter it would be for 1-year terms.

To date, the Community Fund has assisted with funding the Lelantus Spark audit, and various community management roles and assisted the core team in market making, research, and development expenses.

Their terms have ended, and it is now time for new nominations and another Firo Community Fund Committee to be elected!

Requirements & Eligibility

Be a recognized and active community member of Firo for at least a year, OR a recognized industry expert/specialist.

Solid understanding of Firo’s technology stack and current roadmap and goals.

Cannot be a current full-time member of the Firo core team. Part-time contributors or contractors of Firo’s core team are allowed but must be disclosed.

Be able to attend a CFC meeting once a month or appoint a proxy to do the same (though proxies should be used sparingly).

While a technical or development background isn’t required, having a few committee members with some coding background would be helpful in evaluating proposals.

Be able to read, check and vote on proposals for funding at least once a week.

Be 18 years old and above.

Responsibilities of CFC Members

To decide along with taking into account community feedback on how the community fund should be utilized.

To help evaluate community requests for funding, do due diligence on applicants applying for funding, and obtain all necessary information to ensure sufficient detail for the scope of work.

To evaluate and approve payment of milestone requests.

To make all reasonings of the CFC for approval/rejection public.

CFC can request for core team’s feedback and opinion on proposals.

To always conduct themselves with professionalism without resorting to personal attacks or insults.

This is merely preliminary information!

How to Run for Election

Everything mentioned above is merely preliminary information! Head on over to the nomination thread on the Firo Forum to read the rest! After reading the requirements, responsibilities, and how the CFC operates you can nominate yourself or someone else you think may be good for the role.

The nomination period will last for 1 month! We look forward to seeing who all will pursue becoming a Community Fund Committee member!