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Logo & Icon

We want our logo to always look clear and legible. Please follow these simple recommendations regarding using the logo. For more details, please read our brand guidelines (PDF).

Firo logo one white background

This is our awesome logo. Use this full-color version on light backgrounds.

Firo logo on black background

On dark backgrounds, use the full-color icon with white text.

Firo logo on dark gray background

You can also use this all-white logo on dark or colored backgrounds.

Firo logo on light gray background

This is our black logo - use it wisely!

Firo symbol on white background
Firo symbol on black background
Firo symbol on dark gray background
Firo symbol on light gray background

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Clear Space

It is important to keep the logo clear of any other graphic elements to ensure the logo visibility. That is why we need to set a safe zone (clear space) around the logo that has to be empty. To work out the clear space (x), take the height of the logo and divide it in half.

Firo logo with clear background
Firo icon with clear background