Zcoin joins Open Source Collective for sustainable funding

This supplements our Zcoin Crowdfunding System that is used to fund specific tasks and even third party development

As part of our efforts to create sustainable and decentralized funding mechanisms for the Zcoin project, we are proud to join the Open Source Collective via OpenCollective. This supplements our Zcoin Crowdfunding System that is used to fund specific tasks and even third party development.

If you would like to support our work at Zcoin, consider making a one-time or recurring donation!

The Open Source Collective is a non-profit umbrella organisation providing financial and legal infrastructure for thousands of open source projects. It’s an API between the world of distributed collaboration and the world of accounting and invoices.

Having the Open Source Collective as our fiscal host allows us to receive donations with minimum hassle and also allow recurring payments to be set up! All expenses are transparent and need to be supported with relevant documentation for full transparency to the community.

You can also check out Alyssa Wright’s interview of Reuben here with the full transcript available here.

The Zcoin team reached out to our ecosystem partners and community members and are grateful for their generous donations!

Donating to us via OpenCollective grants various perks such as merchandise, shout-outs during our meetings and weekly development updates!


Zcoin Knights (1oo USD/month)

We would like to make a special shout-out to our Zcoin Knights who have committed to donating 100 USD/month.

Allnodes is a non-custodial platform for masternodes, full nodes and staking. They provide a hassle free service to manage all your blockchain hosting needs. They form an important part of Zcoin’s ecosystem and host many Znodes.

Hummingbot provides open source market making bots that allows anyone to run their own market making bots. Zcoin is currently running a liquidity mining campaign with Hummingbot on Binance that allows anybody to earn rewards by providing liquidity to those markets.

We also have an anonymous individual donating to us under this tier so thank you!

Zcoin Friends (10 USD/month)

We would like to also thank our Zcoin friends Mintpond, 2Miners and F2pool which are leading Zcoin mining pools and Arcadia, a blockchain development company in Dallas, Texas that has done work for Zcoin. Thank you to the generous individuals who have contributed to this tier as well!

Thanks to everyone else who has donated no matter how big or small! A special mention to Noir, a Zcoin fork that graciously contributed to us as well despite their tight budget!