core team

Poramin Insom


Poramin Insom founded Zcoin (now Firo) in 2016, seeking to provide financial privacy and also more inclusive mining via ASIC resistant proof of work. He earned a masters degree in Information Security from Johns Hopkins University where he wrote a paper on a proposed practical implementation of the Zerocoin protocol. He has been instrumental in laying the foundations of Zcoin's (now Firo) technology from implementing the world's first implementation of Zerocoin and also pushing for the research and development into the MTP mining algorithm. Poramin has been focused on pushing for the adoption of Firo into the real world especially in his involvement in facilitating the Thai Democrat Party to conduct its primary elections to elect its party leader on Firo's blockchain and also integrating Firo into the Thai economy via his regulated cryptocurrency exchange Satang Pro. Lately, his work has been focused on Exodus, Firo's tokenization layer that allows anyone to build their own private tokens on Firo's blockchain.

Reuben Yap

Co-Founder & Project Steward

Reuben Yap is the Project Steward of Firo and has played a pivotal role in shaping Firo's strategy and vision. He joined the Zcoin (now Firo) team in October 2016 and currently handles the overall strategy and operational aspects of the project along with being its spokesperson. Reuben has been a vocal advocate of online and financial privacy since 2007. Prior to joining Zcoin (now Firo), he was a partner at a law firm, specializing in institutional frameworks.

Peter Shugalev

Lead Developer

Peter is a highly skilled programmer and software architect with 15+ years of experience. He lives in Moscow, Russia, and graduated from Moscow State University magna cum laude with a Master's Degree in Computer Science and Mathematics. He has created network and security-related services, and has even created his own programming language and a cross-platform compiler for a signature-based intrusion detection system.

Andrey Bezrukov


Andrey has 17 years of experience in C++ and has worked for prestigious companies such as Deutsche Bank where he worked on an algorithmic trading platform and a flexible FX risk calculator. His tech stack includes C++11, C++14, Boost, STL, PostgreSQL and Linux. In his past time, Andrey also has experience in setting up cryptocurrency mining operations. As someone who has been involved with software development for forex, stock markets and algorithmic trading, Andrey has a keen interest in fintech and especially in cryptocurrencies where he believes will form the lifeblood of a new economy that enables free markets and economies. In that vein, he strongly believes the need of privacy mechanisms on the blockchain.

Levon Petrosyan


Levon is a software engineer with Master's degrees in both Computing Sciences and Economics from the American University of Armenia. His background is in C++ programming and cryptography. He has contributed significantly to Firo's Lelantus cryptographic library.



Sproxet is an anonymous developer that has worked on privacy preserving software for the past 15 years and has contributed significantly to Firo's Electron client. Sproxet is also the founder of Signal Eleven, an IT consultancy which focuses on computer security and auditing, software development and cryptographic systems architecture design.


Miner Developer

djm34 is one of the most recognized miner devs in the cryptocurrency scene and has developed miners for Vertcoin (lyra2re, lyra2rev2), Neoscrypt, Coinshield/Nexus and Yescrypt, just to name a few. He played a key role in developing Zcoin's (now Firo) Lyra2z transition algorithm and its miners and also developing Firo's open sourced miners for MTP.

Anwar P.

Senior Support

Anwar majored in electrical and electronics engineering, with several years of experience of technical support at an IT company. He handles support queries, documentation, developer support and also assists the Project Steward with day to day matters.



Ajay assists the project steward in day-to-day operations as well as support enquiries.

Michael 'Muggles' Bernhardt

Community Lead

A programmer by trade, he is running his own business to manage water projects via an online portal with installations throughout Africa. Michael has been consumed by crypto since 2013 and has a strong passion for privacy and freedom.

Sebastian Bausch

Asian Operations

Sebastian Bausch is a Bangkok-based angel investor and has been passionate about cryptocurrencies since 2011. He studied Mandarin at Xiamen University and holds a postgraduate degree from the University of Nottingham. He supports the team’s operations in the region and coordinates translations and meet-ups.


Aram Jivanyan


Aram is a cryptographer turned into CEO. He is the founding CEO of Skycryptor, Techstars company pioneering the development of proxy re-encryption algorithms. Skycryptor first product called BeSafe IO is deployed in dozen SME and enterprise enabling to secure, control and track sensitive business documents in the cloud and beyond. Before founding Skycryptor Aram worked as senior cryptography researcher and development team lead at the American University of Armenia where the scientific group conducted cryptography research for Fortune 1000 industrial partners. Aram's main research interest included white-box cryptography, searchable encryption methods, oblivious transfer protocols and cryptographic e-voting systems.

Tigran Mamikonyan


Tigran holds a Master's Degree in Informatics and Applied Mathematics and Computer and Information Sciences. He is currently pursuing his PhD in Informatics and Applied Mathematics at Yerevan State University.

community managers

Lemar “Luke” Briones

Filipino Community Manager

An Information Technology graduate from the Philippines, Lemar has been a cryptocurrency enthusiast since 2017 and is dedicated to spreading awareness of Firo across the Philippines.