Firo integration into Binance Pay

Shop with Firo or send Firo to friends and family worldwide

Firo has been integrated into Binance Pay, a contactless, borderless and secure cryptocurrency payment technology.

While we always recommend users to store Firo in their own Firo wallets such as our QT or Electron wallet which has full support of all our privacy features, the reality is that many users store their Firo on Binance.

Binance Pay allows a simple and convenient way for existing Binance users to pay, receive and send Firo instantly along with easy integration with merchants that already accept Binance Pay such as Travala.

You can visit Binance Marketplace and access the list of supported merchants. The Firo core team is in the process of approaching these merchants for those not already accepting Firo!

This integration encourages greater adoption of Firo as a method of payment and widens our merchant base.

Besides Binance Pay, merchants looking to accept Firo in a convenient way can also use Nowpayments or Coinpayments. We also invite our community to approach existing merchants using these payment gateways to add Firo as a payment option!