Team Additions to Firo

Three new additions

We are pleased to welcome three new additions to the Firo core team!


LC is an anonymous developer that is interested in the cross-section between government, politics, state power, and technology. Drawing from philosophers like Foucault, Fisher, Ellul, Ranciere, he is interested in individual human freedom, so he naturally gravitates to crypto anarchy. He focuses on computer security, philosophy, and Python software development. He follows the cypherpunk Bitstream Podcast by Frank Braun & Jonathan ‘smuggler’ Logan.

Levon Hovhannisyan

Levon Hovhannisyan has over 6 years of professional experience, specifically in C++, algorithms and data structures. His tech stack includes but is not limited to the latest C++ standards, Python, Lua, Windows/Linux. During his professional career, Levon has also had experience in games and backend development.
He graduated from Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University and while studying Levon was involved in the competitive programming contests, including ACM ICPC, and the knowledge gained from them has helped him to become a professional lecturer and learning courses creator. He is also passionate about learning new technologies and software development practices, problem-solving and video games.

Areg Vrtanesyan

Areg is a cryptography engineer in Firo and is currently majoring in Cybersecurity at Yerevan State University. Has experience in software engineering and back end programming in C++. His current interests are cryptography, information security and music.