Firo Mobile Wallet Release

Native mobile wallet with Lelantus privacy technology

We are proud to release our Firo’s native mobile wallet with Lelantus privacy on by default! Firo’s Lelantus technology allows you to send coins to others that do not have any transaction history and hides the sender, revealing nothing about you.

The release of this wallet marks a huge step in making Firo and our privacy technology easy to use for everyone! The wallet has been designed to make the anonymization process seamless with all funds automatically anonymized when received and all outgoing transactions automatically sent using Lelantus.

Your Firo wallet can be conveniently backed up with mnemonic seed phrases and the wallet can be secured behind a passphrase or your fingerprint.

Our Firo mobile team has worked really hard over the months to port over all the necessary cryptography for Lelantus transactions to work on mobile without requiring the full blockchain. The light wallet infrastructure we have built for this wallet will be used as a base for our upcoming desktop light wallets as well.

An iOS version is coming soon and we’re also working to get Firo mobile wallet on the Google Playstore and FDroid. We will also be working on further privacy improvements in the way the light wallet retrieves data and also to integrate inbuilt coin swap features.

We welcome feedback from the community on how to make our mobile wallet even better! Give it a go by downloading it!