Firo v0.14.12.1 Rab13s Fix Release

Zero-day vulnerability found by Halborn

The Firo core team is putting out an emergency release to resolve the zero-day vulnerabilities found by Halborn nicknamed Rab13s that affects many projects that derive code from the Bitcoin base. The vulnerability allows an attacker to send specially crafted p2p messages to crash individual nodes.

Full technical details of the vulnerability have not been disclosed by Halborn to us despite our request but we have gathered enough details to issue hardening measures and fixes.

We would like to thank Binance’s tech team for alerting us to this that allowed us to put out a speedy fix so quickly after Halborn’s public disclosure.

We recommend an immediate update. The upgrade should be just a simple drop-in update with no need to reindex.

As usual, please backup your wallet prior to updating for safety.

Download Here