Firo Tokenomics Discussion with upcoming Halving

Firo's Halving in mid September 2024

With the upcoming scheduled halving of emissions in supply in September 2024, the Firo community has raised questions about whether the Firo block reward distribution or tokenomics would be revisited, as was the case with the previous halving. The last time this was done was in May 2022.

In particular, whether the block reward distribution would be adjusted and whether there should be a change in the emission cycle; for example, whether to have a more gradual emission decrease instead of halvings, implement a tail emission, etc.

The core team highly values the Firo community’s input in these crucial changes. We are actively seeking your feedback on our forums and plan to keep the feedback period open until at least the end of June 2024. This will allow us to implement your insights prior to the upcoming hard fork, underscoring your integral role in shaping Firo’s future.

As these changes will significantly impact Firo’s future and development direction, we look forward to hearing from the community and greatly appreciate the well-reasoned feedback we’ve received thus far. Let your voice be heard!

Join us in the discussion in our Firo forums located Here!