The 3rd term of CFC members are formed!

Welcome old and new

The 7 member Community Fund Committee (“CFC”) is formed to oversee the Firo Community Fund (“FCF”) has been completed!

The following community members will serve as CFC members for a period of 1 year:

The elected committee comprises a well-rounded mix of established community members, subject matter experts, and developers, who have been actively involved in voting on proposals and steering Firo community fund to help with the project.

Since there were no additional nominations, these seven members were automatically elected. We would like to thank them for agreeing to serve on the Firo Community Fund (FCF) and helping to decentralize funding decisions. We would also like to thank the outgoing committee members who have served.

How to get funded from the Firo Community Fund

Anyone can apply to be funded from the FCF by opening up a proposal in the Firo Crowdfunding System and also opening a thread on the forums to open discussion about it. The Community Fund Committee can also independently initiate proposals to be funded from the Firo Community Fund.

What are the responsibilities of the Community Fund Committee?

  1. To decide along with taking into account community feedback on how the Firo Community Fund should be utilised.
  2. To help evaluate community requests for funding, do due diligence of applicants applying for funding and obtain all necessary information to ensure sufficient detail for scope of work.
  3. To evaluate and approve payment of milestone requests.
  4. To make all reasonings of the CFC for approval/rejection public.
  5. CFC can request for the core team’s feedback and opinion on proposals.
  6. To always conduct themselves with professionalism without resorting to personal attacks or insults.

How will the Firo Community Fund (FCF) be utilised?

  1. FCF funds must always be utilised for the benefit of Firo. Research, development or promotional activities that do not directly benefit Firo should not be undertaken.
  2. All FCF expenditure has to be disclosed. Any proposal that does not allow this will not be able to be funded from the FCF.
  3. FCF funds should not be used for giveaways even for the purpose of promoting adoption or participation.
  4. FCF funds should not be used to host purely social events. Educational or awareness events are acceptable but must be the primary component of the event.
  5. FCF funds should be used and while there shouldn’t be a pressure to spend funds, the FCF should not be hoarded.
  6. CFC can choose to use the FCF to employ contractors to embark on specific tasks or roles that will report directly to the CFC.
  7. Should the CFC deem fit, FCF funds can be burnt by sending it to this burn address.
  8. FCF funds address can be viewed here

Where can I see the deliberations of the Community Fund Committee?

All discussions of the CFC can be seen in our Discord in the channel #communityfund and is read-only. You will need to have verified status by passing the captcha to view the channel.