Exchange Addresses live for FIRO on Binance

Deposit addresses are now EX-Addresses

Binance has confirmed with us that Exchange Addresses are now fully implemented and live on their exchange.

EX addresses are not meant for regular users to create but for exchanges that require them for regulatory or transparency reasons. However, users will need to interact with EX addresses if they are depositing into Binance or another exchange that deploys them.

You can identify an EX-address easily as the address begins with EXX.

Binance deposit EX address

Transition Notes

Binance has confirmed the roll out of EX-addresses for its users, though if for some reason you do not have an EX-address yet, do not send funds from Spark directly to Binance’s deposit address. Otherwise, they will be frozen until you open a support ticket with Binance to return the funds to you. This process can take up to 30 working days.

EX-addresses only accept FIRO from transparent addresses. If you have funds held in Spark, you would first need to send them to a transparent address (that begins with a or Z) before sending them to the EX address. At the time of writing, the only exchange that uses EX addresses is Binance.

Most exchanges do not yet support withdrawals to an EX-address, so you would need to withdraw from your own wallet first with a transparent address before sending the money to Binance. We are in communication with other centralised exchanges to facilitate easy exchange-to-exchange transfers. At the time of writing, only supports direct withdrawals to an EX address. You can also do your part by opening a ticket with your favourite exchange or wallet to encourage them to support sending to EX-addresses.

Most major exchanges such as MEXC, HTX and Gate support FIRO deposits from EX-addresses so you can send from Binance to these exchanges directly. Always test with a small amount first if unsure!

Reopening of Firo trading in Europe

Last year, in May 2023, Binance made Firo and several other privacy coins unavailable in several European countries namely Poland, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium and Sweden, due to new EU regulations restricting the trading of privacy coins.

Firo has been reopened for trading in these countries with immediate effect. If you are in an affected country, you might receive an email notification from Binance informing you of this. Do ensure you take note of your new deposit addresses which would have been updated to an EX-address.

Binance deposit address expired example